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Choose Mantu for cloud or enterprise deployment


Faster deployment and easier application
management through the cloud. Take
Mantu for a test drive and we will find you
best subscription plan.

We’ll install Mantu on-site on
your system. Our all-inclusive
pricing will be based on your
user volume.

Secure p2p chats with no traces on the server.

End-to-end military grade, multi-layer AES256 text and attachment encryption.

Private chat: ability to create chat with entrance secured by Biometric information: Face recognition and fingerprints.

Screenshot prevention.

Ability to delete messages both sides.

Self-destruct timer.

Copy/Forward restriction.

Purge chat for both sides.

Remote user block/clear user history.

Secure p2p calls.

Ability to connect multiple accounts.

Ability to create groups by end-users (configurable).

Remote administration via admin dashboard:
User management
User policies
Branches/Groupe management
Activity logs.

Ability to save message history on server.

Closed garden: Mantu installed on the phones with private network enviroment.