About us

Eran Ben-Eliezer
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Eran share’s visionary responsibilities with fellow Mantu Co-Founder and Co-CEO Gavriel George Niryaev.  On a daily basis, he leads our business development initiatives. This means Eran spends a great deal of time on planes visiting prospects and clients, and working directly with our investors and sales teams.

Prior to co-founding Mantu, Eran worked for a number of multinational mobile and cellular Tier 1 carriers including Cisco, Ericsson and Cellcom.  Over the span of 18 years, he gained the market knowledge as well as network architecture and services acumen that eventually led to his vision for Mantu.  Specific experience included presales development for Ericsson’s largest customers including ISP providers, cable and cellular operators and government security agencies. More recently he held a similar position in presales and business development at Cisco.

Gavriel George Niryaev
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Gavriel leads our operations and technology development teams and is the chief architect behind Mantu’s high security communications platform.  Like Eran, he also brought 18 years of deep industry experience to the partnership including three years of service in the Israeli Air Force where he was responsible for IP networking, cyber and security management systems and the development of new security solutions.

Prior to co-founding Mantu, Gavriel honed his skills working for Motorola, Cellcom and the Israeli government. Specific roles included leading engineering and business development initiatives for some of the world’s most respected technology solutions providers including Cisco and Ericcson.  Working in tandem with Israeli mobile operators, Gavriel designed solutions for their 3G & 4G networks.

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